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Investment Projects

Introduction Dang Xa Urban area

Infrastructure Investment Development Company (VIGLACERA)  is state-run company - an well-known Investment Owner of Industry Parks and Urban Centers located in Ha Noi capital, Bac Ninh province and Quang Ninh province, which are belonged of development triangle of Northern Viet Nam.
At present, Government Prime Minister have assigned our company (INDECO)  acting on the investment and construction to establish infrastructure of following industry parks:
· Dong Mai Industry zone – Quang Ninh province: 300 hectares
· Hai Yen Industry zone – Quang Ninh province: 260 hectares
· Tien Son Industry zone – Bac Ninh province: 360 hectares
· Yen Phong Industry zone – Bac Ninh province: 400 hectares
With the focus on development of industry zones becoming the dynamic economic area, contribute front important part to focus on shifting provincial economic structure into standard industrial provinces, INDECO specially attach important on planning and investment of advanced and synchronize infrastructure system building, from comfortable traffic system, modern and perfect water supply, drainage and   communication system, to social infrastructure system and multi and abundant support service, give best and the most comfortable conditions for trading and manufacturing enterprises in industrial zone.
Moreover, whichever entrepreneur want investing to our industrial zones, they will be favor of favor policies, investing encourage policies of the State and specially ones of Province more than other industrial zones.
The success of Investors is enduring development of our company - Here is action motto of all staff of Infrastructure Development Investment Company to support strongest, global and most effect for Investors of business manufacture period.

Last update : 01/1/2006

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